Extraordinary Houses in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the most peculiar and extraordinary houses that you’ll ever come across. These houses are worth discovering besides all the stars that opted for Sin City as their residence. We have found some of the most unorthodox Vegas homes that will most probably

Every review’s a Winner

He ate his last supper and left a trail of disgruntled chefs in his wake. Here are our Top 20 Michael Winner reviews

The new makeover menu for your kitchen

Grey is still going strong but you should avoid yellow and learn to love grainy textures and industrial chic, says Robin Ash

Millions make their hobbies their business through Etsy

It is a ritual that many have gone through after being made redundant, returning home after the deed has been done and staring at the kitchen table, wondering: “What do I do now?” Increasingly, it seems, Britons are finding the answer is staring them in the face.

Price of classic style is going up

The price of furniture design classics such as the Eames chair and the Arco floor lamp is expected to increase as much as tenfold this year following a change in copyright laws.

How To Use Nature In Your Arts And Crafting

If you enjoy crafting and creating art, you may enjoy getting a little more natural with your art and crafting. Natural as in using things direct from nature to create wonderful crafts and artwork with. People do it all the time, and with some simple searching online

The comeback of craft

  Craft has been reinvented, its status transformed from wholesome to hot. Handmade’s natural habitat is no longer school fetes and souvenir shops; it now lies at the heart of the luxury market, with brands from Mulberry to Savoir Beds trumpeting the traditional skills of their makers.

Five Tips for Redecorating On A Budget

No matter the scope of your project there are always ways to make a large difference while staying true to a budget.  Here are five tips to consider to maximize your design impact without breaking the bank!

The Luxurious Home in Paradise Valley in Arizona, USA

Today we will present to you the sophisticated home which is situated in the Paradise Valley, Arizona. The design of this was successfully completed by the Swaback Partners and David Michael Miller Associates. Well this is surrounded by dry landscape that underlines the south-western state. Also as

The Rise of Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Click Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices for the modern home. Available in a huge choice of designs, it comes with a vast array of benefits. Helping you to give your home a luxury makeover without the luxury price tag, this type of floor