5 Key Benefits of Smooth Timber Decking

Decking can make a wonderful addition to any home, but many people struggle to choose between grooved decking and smooth decking. Denver deck builders and other deck builders closer to where you are will be able to help you make the right decision for you as there are advantages on both sides, but here are just five reasons you might want to consider going for smooth.

  1. Doesn’t Retain Water

Grooves can aid water runoff, but this only happens effectively when the boards are quite short. If the boards are long, the surface tension of the grooves will actually hold water, and it’s difficult to get that water out, making for wet decking after rain. Flat decking can be brushed dry, and there’s nowhere for moisture to gather. If you notice that water seems to have become stagnant at its location, it may be time to renovate it. Even though timber decks are low-maintenance, all the furnishings or architecture require some alimentation. In such cases, you may contact the nearest Deck patcher or browse for “decking services perth” or any other location for that matter, and contact the nearest one to get it fixed.

  1. Grip Strips Provide Superior Traction

Yes, it’s easier to slip on smooth wood compared to grooved wood, but this often provides a false sense of security. If you slide in the direction of the groove, there’s no anti-slip ability at all. It’s actually much safer to use smooth decking and then add grip-strips across key areas.

  1. More Pleasant Walking Surface

Probably the most compelling reason to opt for smooth timber decking is that smoother surfaces are a lot more comfortable to walk on. There isn’t much difference if you’re wearing shoes, but most people like walking on their decking barefoot, and those little ridges can be sore on your unprotected soles.

  1. Easier to Keep Clean

A major disadvantage of grooved decking is the fact that cleaning is significantly more difficult. Anything from moisture to dirt to mould can get stuck in those grooves, and it’s very hard to simply wipe them away. After just a year or two, your decking could look decidedly worse for the wear, and this is a particular problem when good hygiene is essential.

  1. Ideal for All People and Occasions

Let’s say it’s the height of summer and you want to throw an outside party. Any ladies who attend wearing high heels are going to have trouble walking over your grooved decking because the tips of their heels will tend to get stuck. Grooved decking can also be problematic for people with wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

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