Cars With Really Nice Interior Features

For most car shoppers, a car’s exterior is what draws them in initially, but the interior features of the car are typically what turn them from a shopper into a buyer. Car manufacturers are always increasing the bar on the cool gadgets and features that a car can offer. Here are just a few examples of cars with really nice interior features. You can learn more about any of these vehicles at

The seats in the BMW 7 are made with some of the smoothest leather you’ll ever touch in your lifetime. What makes the seats even more luxurious are the built in massagers. Forget just heated seats, BMW extends the radiant heat to the arm rests too for a complete warming experience. The luxury amenities don’t stop there, and the model is bound to win you over after a single look. The car can even park itself with remote parking available using the vehicle’s key fob.

The Cadillac XT5 is classified as a compact crossover. In the car’s interior, you’ll be surrounded by luxurious elements like glove leather, wood panels and high grade metals. The ultraview sunroof offers an experience similar to riding with the top down and a power sunshade blocks out heat and harmful UV rays when the sun is shining brightly. The Platinum level also offers head up display, an advanced security package and suede headliners.

Chrysler calls its Pacifica “the minivan reinvented.” But, just because it’s designed as a family car, doesn’t mean the interior isn’t luxuriously appointed and exceedingly convenient. The Touring models are the most extensively appointed Pacificas and offer leather seats for eight passengers, a wireless charging pad for compatible devices, Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless device use and an overhead DVD system to keep the little ones entertained on the road.



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