When Great Design Meets Functional Efficiency

One of the best things I could have every done for the development of my career is take a class in Interior Design as part of my Graphic Design course, simply because it offered me a window into the true essence of what design is all about. Design is all about efficiency, even in the graphic design field, but more so in industries such as those which have something to do with construction.

The best results are arrived at when great design meets functional efficiency, such as is the case with wrought iron doors. Never considered this before? Why not check out a company website that specialises in iron doors to see if this could been the next addition to your home.

Functional Efficiency

It’s perhaps pertinent to discuss the “heavier” side of the equation first, which is that of the efficiency in the functionality of whatever it is which is being designed. Of course in this case it’s wrought iron doors, whose primary function otherwise has nothing to do with how they look but more to do with their functionality. The reason why wrought iron is used is so that there’s a single-unit security barrier which would stop intruders dead in their tracks or at least slow them down for a considerable amount of time.

Great Design

It may have been a gospel truth of design in the past that one couldn’t really exist simultaneously with the other, that being great design and functional efficiency, but that’s no longer the case. The belief was that for something like a wrought iron door to look great in design it would have to give up some of its effectiveness in its primary functionality and vice versa. So if it looks great then it doesn’t offer that much by way of security.

That’s only true to a certain extent though and in reality it isn’t really that way anymore, especially not by today’s design standards. I mean something like the SD8 by No Problem Doors is about as typical as it gets I guess with regards to the design versus functionality debate, otherwise the same manufacturers are at the forefront of the confluence of great design and functional efficiency.

Look through pretty much all their other designs and there’s no visible sign of the debate…

The Confluence of Great Design and Functional Efficiency

Looking at some of the other Wrought Iron Door Designs such as the SD6 and SD7, one would think that it’s all about how they look by way of their design appeal. This is an indication of a great job done to bridge the gap between appearances and efficiency in functionality. A possible intruder would see something of a near-impossible door barrier to breach while someone who is looking on from a design point of view will only see a wrought iron door that’s beyond pleasing to the eye!

It’s about more than just covering those areas of the door which are filled in with a glassed opening by way of where the wrought iron spreads. Glass or not, one could only appreciate the genius in the artistry if they were honest about what their eyes are telling them and that is how great design meets functional efficiency.

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