Home Office Setup Ideas From People Who Actually Work From Home

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, people all over the world are working from home. If you are also planning to do so, you need to set a home office where you will be working from.

For you to be successful, you need to have some skills that will help you in setting up a home office that will meet your needs. Some people are able to invest in facilities such as outdoor storage buildings to give them more space to create an office, or they can get things like cabins and summer houses to act as an office space as well. If this is not possible for you then you can read below to find out how to create your own office space.

Designing the office

While working from home, you should consider your home working space as your office. It is not advisable to take as the extension of your living room. That is why you should make sure that you design the place to meet the needs that your old office had. If you like, you can even make it better by decorating it. You can decide to include wallpapers, photos, and even plants in the room.

The main aim is to create an environment that will motivate you in your work. If you love colourful backgrounds, you can colour your walls to suit your needs.

With that said, here are some tips to help you start.

Consider minimalism

Minimalism involves reducing the amount of space or resources that you will be using while working from home, while keeping the things you need.  The best way to do this is to optimise your home office storage. One way to achieve that is reducing the number of furniture that you have in your room. Aim at having a single chair and a working space if you don’t have a workmate. We also recommend taking some time to find a desk that is suitable for the size of the room too. It needs to be big enough to meet your needs, but also small enough to fit comfortably in the room. Companies like Office Monster can help, take a look here https://www.officemonster.co.uk/office-desks-1 for some inspiration.

The following tips can also help you achieve minimalism.

  • Have a single paper tray to hold incoming and outgoing papers.
  • Avoid having office tools that you do not need in your home office.
  • Make sure your home office has as few things as possible.

Have sufficient lighting

Enough light is essential when setting up your office space. If possible, make sure that you take advantage of natural light. Consider taking a room that has a large wind on it.

Station your computer in a way that will prevent distraction from the incoming sunlight. With enough light in your home office, you will gain the following benefits;

  • You will avoid mistakes in your work
  • You will be alert for a long time
  • You will get less eye-straining problems

Put potted green plants in your room

Most of our traditional offices had plants in them. There are many benefits for that. Despite the location of your office space having some plants will change the look and the whole atmosphere in the following ways;

  • Making the room look attractive
  • Keep away airborne pollutants
  • Reducing sore throat by adding natural humidity in your room

Have some artistic work on the walls

Your home office should not look like a boring office working space. Make it look amazing and above all, inspiring. You can do that by being creative by taking some best pictures from your home office storage room and using them. The following ideas will help you.

  • Go for a wireless mouse
  • Have a motivating screensaver on your computer
  • Buy a backlit keyboard
  • Go for anything that you like and put it in your office
  • For music lovers, you can buy a small Bluetooth speaker for your office

Enjoy yourself

While many offices may not have windows that give a beautiful view to the outside world, your home office can have it. Remove the window blinds from your room and enjoy the view of the bush around your home. The picture may inspire you, thus making you work more and productively.


Decorating your home office and making it attractive is not an issue, pick the best room, and the art of decorating will come naturally. All of us have ideas that only need a chance to come out. We hope that the above tips will help set up a fantastic home office that will accommodate you during this hard time.