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Would you think that a hobby should cost you a lot of money or is it something that should cost you very little, perhaps nothing. What about the opposite?  A hobby that makes you money! The question then, is it a hobby or a job? Okay, you may get up each day and go to work, have an office job or a trade, whatever, but you also have a hobby that makes you extra money. For example, writing. Some people love to write. But do you write for money or because you love doing it? Or, both?

The really weird thing about hobbies is that they can probably be both. The person that collect stamps can make money from that can’t he? If you collect coins you can also make money. Hmm, make money from money. Well, you know what I mean. If you sell some of your collection, then you will obviously make money. It’s not often a collector will sell part of the thing he loves, but, sometimes the need for some quick finances can make you sacrifice part of your collection.

I have a friend who is a geek, and he loves anything and everything technical. He works for a UK developers company that help people create and produce apps for the craziest market currently going. What would the world be like without apps to while away your time? If you really think about it, and want to try it as a hobby, you might discover this to be the niche in which you can work or treat it as a hobby that makes you money on the side.

I look at the icons on my phone, and I rarely think about what goes into creating not only the icon but also the workings behind it. The computer language that is necessary to make the thing work. Doesn’t an app have to have full connectivity with whatever it is helping you? In that case, it has a 24/7 connection to the internet and is able to download and update its internal information every second. I just marvel at the way they work and hardly think of the complexity. Only when I would consider this as a hobby, app development, would I also think about extra resources I would need to make it all happen.

One of my loves is golf. Would I consider it a hobby? Maybe, because I get kind of passionate about playing. So much so that I often find myself reading into various Golf Reviews available to me online. There is an app available for that game. A GPS that has 33,000 golf courses loaded on it, can tell you how many shots you’ve played, track the distance to the hole, compare stats and all but swing your club. I’ve actually found a device on a website similar to Pin High Pro that can do similar things. It’s incredible really! My mind stopped thinking about anything at all when I heard it had 33,000 golf courses loaded. Where did they get that information from? And even more amazing is: How the heck am I going to get to play even a fraction of those courses in a lifetime!

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