3 Benefits of Secondary Glazing

  1. Additional Sound and Heat Insulation

Secondary glazing can reduce external noise by up to 90%. The soundproofing is optimal when the distance between your current window and the secondary glaze is larger. You will need a Good Secondary Glazing installer who can get this treatment done for you. This is the same with replacement double glazing – the larger the gap between the panes the better.

The gap also adds much needed heat insulation to your home and can in turn reduce your energy bills. The secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 50%, which is a huge amount

  1. Listed Buildings

Secondary glazing in beneficial for buildings that are not suited to double glazing, or that can’t get planning permission to add them to the building. This is specifically relevant for listed buildings which are more often then not required to have windows replaced to be exactly the same as the ones currently there – leaving no room for a switch to double glazing.

The best way around this is to add secondary glazing to the windows as it is considered reversible and is unobtrusive to the current windows meaning that the character of the property is conserved.

  1. Draft Exclusion

Old windows in homes such as listed ones are often not fitted to the best standards. This means that cold drafts can be a serious issue in those homes that don’t have the option for double glazing. Drafts can reduce the effectiveness of your heating and leave your home feeling constantly cold. This is not ideal for the winter months.

Secondary glazing is the best option for homes where double glazing isn’t an option. To find out more about secondary glazing and see how you could integrate it into your next project get in touch with Salisbury glass through their website, or give them a call on: 01722 328 985