Creating a Great Place Out of a Wasted Space

Are you walking past a spare room these days simply ignoring it or possibly you don’t have any idea what to do with it?

It could be that your eldest child has now moved out and you have been using it to simply stash stuff away inside. If you are stuck for inspiration there are plenty of potential ideas that can occupy that space and provide some character back into the space.

Let’s take some ideas and see if they match up to your individuality.

Inhouse Office Space

Obviously, the last year has opened up a lot of homes as extra workspace and that could very much be the case moving forward.

However, if you have been a stay-at-home mom and looking to venture your day hours into working pattern you could turn a spare bedroom into a great little office space, using office monster furniture. Not only does this provide a separation from the rest of the house but it also gives you your own personal space to dedicate to yourself.

You can colour the room differently and lay down some luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to give it its own identity. This is a great and cheap way of creating a separation from the rest of the house and is a very easy product to install and maintain. The added benefit is that even the lowest price Amtico Signature flooring has a tremendous lifespan and will not ruin easily from furniture being moved around such as a desk or chair.

Play Area

If you have younger children, this could be a perfect opportunity to give them their own play room.

This gives you a little extra room to get things done whilst the kids enjoy playing and is also perfect for home schooling which we have seen a lot of this past year. By giving the children a little extra breathing room to play and be creative in, you create a sense of joy within the home. Be sure that you have the proper heating systems installed and maintained regularly with the help of a company like Brooks Heating and Air (experts of Furnace installation: Manassas). Keeping the air quality and temperatures optimum inside this room is very important, especially because it will serve as a children’s room. This option can also benefit from vinyl flooring as it has anti stain and scratch technology, so all those paints and crayons won’t ruin the floor as they would a carpet.

Gym Room

We all have had our routines severely affected as of late and getting to the gym is not so simple, especially if they are not open.

Putting on weight during lockdowns also affects our mental well-being, so one option could be turning that space into your own gym or yoga studio. Not only is it practical, but it is also a great incentive to actually get back to health by having the ability to work out for an hour without having to factor in travel times.

To create a gym in your house, you might have to do a few additions to your room, such as getting the necessary equipment, a music system, towels and water dispenser, etc. You may also have to change your tiled floors to concrete with gypsum underlayments to handle the impact of heavy equipment.

Wet Room

One of the big crazes going around is the implementation of wet rooms in spare bedrooms.

You may all use the same shower and bathroom but having this extra space can provide a nice touch of luxury and relaxation within the home, making a shower a simple and quick experience in the morning.

This is another option that would suit luxury wood effect vinyl flooring perfectly as it is highly waterproof and resistant to rising temperatures.

Hobby Room

No matter if it is knitting, collecting, or writing a novel you could explore your hobbies with more passion if you had a dedicated space for them.

By turning the room into a showroom for your passion you have a space dedicated to continuing with it. Fill it with some relaxing artwork, family pictures and light colours and you’ll be amazed at how much more enthusiasm you provide for your favourite things.

Having a spare room is having the potential to pull it into something truly special. By bringing it to life via neutral colours, feature walls, the cheapest Amtico flooring UK and a bit of ingenuity, you can create a great environment for everyday living.