7 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Lucrative Job

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Nowadays, when it’s challenging to get a stable job and cover all living expenses, many are looking for an additional source of income. Although a hobby is an activity that you take up in your free time, there are various hobbies you can turn into a lucrative job.

However, for it to become a permanent, successful, and sustainable profession, you must have knowledge and experience in your field. Depending on the area of interest, you can learn many skills quickly and gradually start earning money – if you have dedication. Stay with us to learn which hobby to choose and how to get started.

Hobbies you can turn into a lucrative job

If you are ready to turn your hobby into a job or just looking for an extra income source, you might want to take a look at our list. We have selected seven hobbies that currently offer the most opportunities for earning and employment.

1.     Writing

Writing is one of the best self-employed careers, as it can give you both income and freedom. However, it does take talent to express yourself well. There is no recipe for success, but readers recognize honesty and authenticity. Sit back, think about what excites you, and start making money online. With the Internet as your market, options are limitless.

The following are some examples of popular freelance writing jobs:

  • Blogging – Blogging jobs are the simplest and most common form of writing work available. 
  • Copywriting – Create sales pages, landing page content, or the next marketing campaign for a client.
  • Ghostwriting – Used to describe writing tasks that are credited to someone else. These can be pretty profitable writing opportunities.

Great sites to begin your journey as a paid writer include ProBlogger, FlexJobs,  Contena, and Freelance Writing Gigs. You can also make a sales pitch and offer your services to potential clients. Another relatively new way of getting copywriting gigs is using social media, such as LinkedIn, to network with customers and businesses.

Because freelance writing projects differ so much in terms of the labor they require, the compensation for article writing varies greatly. Typical blogging jobs range from $50 to $1,000 per post.

2.     Photography

Most likely, taking photos with your smartphone will not bring you a high income. But, if you combine this with Photoshop and similar processing programs, it can be a great start!

Find inspiration every step of your way and see the beauty everywhere you look. An excellent way to turn it into a lucrative job is to pick a site where you will upload photos, such as Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. Every time one of the site visitors downloads your picture, you can make money! Start now – choose one of the activities to try this autumn, take lots of photos and get them out there! (P.S. Conditions vary, so explore the options in detail and embark on an adventure that can become a permanent engagement for you.) 

Freelance photography opportunities can also be found on industry-specific job sites, like Get Photography Jobs, The Creative Loft, and Photography Jobs Online. You won’t waste time sifting through prospects that aren’t a good match because they’re oriented toward creatives.

If you already own a professional camera, try to find a segment of photography that interests you and get to work. From weddings and family portraits to fashion editorials, gradually create and improve your portfolio. An organized portfolio will be your ticket to professionally pursuing this lucrative hobby.

3.     Cooking

You do not have to be a trained chef to start making money from your kitchen skills! It is enough to own a phone and have the eagerness to try innovative recipes. However, you will need to build your personal brand to start earning money. Today, sweets, snacks, and healthy food are especially in demand and do not require hefty start-up capital. Create original recipes and start sharing them online to gain a following.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are a great way to share your passion for food with the world and reach a big audience, especially if you get help from a growth service like Enforce Social to give you a bit of a boost when it comes to your following. In addition, you can create your own cooking class to sell at online course platforms like Udemy.

4.     DIY / Arts and Crafts

Are you an artistic soul looking for an escape from boring everyday life and work? Then you certainly need a job that lets your creative side thrive. Arts and crafts not only beautify your home, develop brain cells and creativity, but they can also become a constant source of income!

You can acquire most of the skills you will need online, but you can also attend workshops. DIY workshops are becoming more and more popular, and they provide enough knowledge and a sound basis for further progress.

Some of the best work opportunities for artisans and crafters include:

  • YouTube Crafting Tutorials
  • DIY Sewing Pattern Maker and Seller
  • Woodworking Jobs
  • Embroidery Business

You can use large sales channels like Amazon and Etsy and, in addition, create your own website to sell your products.

5.     Gaming

You can nearly always convert what you love into a successful job, and gaming is no exception.

The gaming industry is expanding – the Global Gaming Market was valued at USD 173.70 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 314.40 billion by 2026, placing it higher than any other entertainment business. This implies that there is now a plethora of opportunities for people to enter the industry and pursue their goals.

One of the most profitable routes to take is to become a YouTube gamer, which is a booming field nowadays. You could also participate in competitive gaming by joining a gaming company, where a player can earn from $25,000 up to $1 million a year. Becoming a game tester is another excellent way to gain experience in the gaming industry. Job offers in eSports are constantly on the rise and offer fantastic earning opportunities.

6.     Music

Take advantage of your musicality, good voice, or just a desire for musical entertainment. Playing instruments, solo or in a band, DJing and singing can be a lucrative source of income even at a local level or performing at occasional parties. If you have additional skills such as composing or producing music, try to create a few staple pieces that will be your ticket to more serious earnings.

Online music-related jobs can often be found on freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and ZipRecruter. Opportunities range from music production to music arrangements and making videos. The national average earnings for freelance music jobs can go up to $57,317 /year.

This data should be enough to lure you into this profession if you always loved music and wanted to work in this domain. Besides, in the initial days, you may have to invest in just an instrument and the related furniture, such as organ benches, for example, and you would be good to go. After that, just plug into a YouTube channel of your choice and learn any instrument you want.

However, once you decide to relocate your home studio, you might have some difficulties transporting your instruments safely. If this is the case, we suggest looking up some packing techniques that will ensure you transfer them easily and quickly.

7.     Design

If you have artistic tendencies and know how to use graphic design programs or have created a portfolio of your design achievements, this hobby may be a good starting point for your future career. From web design, interior design, or industrial products design, your creativity, and technical skills can bring you a very nice income.

To find meaningful freelance design work, we recommend building a strong portfolio website to present your work to all potential clients. You should also create social profiles on design websites like Dribble and Behance. AngelList and Toptal have been gaining popularity both from designers’ and clients’ sides when it comes to freelance marketplaces.

Should we turn a hobby into a business?

The question is not which hobby can be profitable – you can earn from nearly anything. However, the key to success lies in expertise and knowledge. Prerequisites and readiness to enter the world of business are necessary to survive in a competitive market. In the end, all this transcends the world of pure pastimes.

It takes a great way from making scarves for friends to mass production, price formation, promotion, etc. So, you need to know how to cash in on a hobby and be ready to learn along the road. It is best to prepare yourself that your work will no longer be an occasional hobby but a full-time job with significant requirements. 

Hopefully, our list of hobbies you can turn into a lucrative job will help you along the way. Good luck!

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